Why Hire A Coach?

“Everyone needs a coach.”
– Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

History shows that all of the highest achievers and thinkers had a coach or mentor.

There are many types of coaches and disciplines of coaching, but
Positive Psychology Coaching is wonderfully different.

A branch of Psychology established in the 1990s, Positive Psychology, itself, is unique, and differs from traditional psychology as well as traditional life coaching for several very important and AMAZING reasons.

Positive Psychology is:

  • A cutting-edge and evidence-based science which, rather than dwelling on problems, seeks solutions
  • focused on one’s strengths rather than trying to “fix” one’s “weaknesses”
  • dedicated to finding mind-body connections in order to achieve health for the whole individual
  • is devoted to increasing one’s happiness and ability to flourish and achieve




As a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, I am committed to helping my clients discover and actively build their strengths, seek solutions, and flourish and grow!

No matter what my clients’ goals – and no matter what Karen Kolb Coaching division clients choose – with my Positive Psychology-based, proprietary methods and exercises, my clients forget about scores, forget about numbers, forget about “keeping up” with everyone else, and forget about stress and pressure.

They learn to grow and they achieve their goals because they deserve to, they are committed, and because they are equipped and empowered with their new Success MindSet™.

True success is about the enjoyment of the journey and not the finish line. When the MindSet has become one of Growth, the finish line results speak for themselves.

We must Clarify and Commit before We Can Conquer. To do that, we must:

Envision. Engage. Enjoy.